Julia Gazdag
writer | producer | photographer


Dear Freya,

Thank you for taking the time to review my application for the Junior Creative/Director position at Stink, as advertised on APA. I feel I would be an excellent candidate for the position, and that the experience would yield wonderful creative partnerships. 


What I bring to Stink

My experience in production, developed sense of aesthetic, and sharp understanding of the needs of clients enable me to take on the role of Junior Creative/Director with skill and passion. Able to create ideas from scratch, with a knowledge of demographics, and experience managing productions, I also bring a network of filmmakers, art directors, and other creatives both up-and-coming and well-established. I thrive in creative partnerships and bring a great attitude. Most importantly, I am enthusiastic about Stink's work - particularly the partnership with Google and the interactive installation with my own alma mater, The New School. I’m excited by the potential of this position and feel I would be a valuable asset. 



Writing, producing, photographing, art directing, editing, and marketing are all fields I got involved in out of a creative curiosity. These experiences have influenced who I am and how I approach my work. Through working in the art department on features like Save the Date, my photography that has taken me around the world, and Goldsmith's MFA course, I've developed and expanded my aesthetic understanding, and learned to think creatively and innovatively. I've used these skills both to grow brands, whether they were lifestyle-focused or an environmental non-profit, and for self-expression. Most importantly, I've learnt the value of generosity, listening, and communicating openly in creative partnerships. 


Film Production

Curious to find my passion, I spent years working on production sets in TV and film in LA, New York, and at the Sundance workshops. I learned to shoot with various cameras, assisted in the editing room on indie features, and went on to produce a documentary feature. Recently I've produced drama shorts in London, before which I worked on features in art departments or editing scripts. The skills I've gained enable me to see both the forest and the trees on projects, and to know where focus is needed and when. The diversity of these experiences has also given me a wonderful network of amazing, talented creatives and artists who continue to inspire and support my own work and vice versa. 


Technical Strength

Of course, creative vision has nowhere to go without a technical understanding of how to bring it to life. Proficient in FinalCut, Avid, and Premiere, as well as Keynote and Adobe InDesign - particularly Photoshop and Lightroom - I am able to understand the needs of a project to realise its full potential. This knowledge is crucial not only in being able to use the tools at hand to their utmost, but to anticipate practical needs and oversee moving parts before and during production. 



Communication and work ethic

I learned early on how to write a pitch and a treatment, run a shoot efficiently, and create a vision from nothing and implement it. My most important lesson, however, came from the Sundance workshops: that it's all about the process. Our best outcome comes from a shared focus on the goal. I've built excellent working relationships by listening and communicating clearly, and am often the first to arrive and last to leave. I know how to prioritise, am efficient and organised, and remain calm, positive, and clear-headed in stressful situations. This has led to rich and lasting collaborations, and many subsequent friendships. 


About me

I chose not to include a reel, as it would be made up of the work of others who I’ve supported. While I don’t tend to show the below material as professional work, I decided to include it here to give you a sense of my personality. I feel it’s important to show not just what I can do, but who it is you would be working with. The below is a video yearbook, shot with my iPhone purely for personal enjoyment, and edited to share with friends. 





Included are two recommendations, one from Michelle Satter (Founding Director of the Sundance Feature Film Program) and one from Erika Alexander (head of Color Farm Media, most well known for her recent work with Joss Whedon and her starring role on the hit TV show 'Living Single.')


Thank you again for taking the time to review my application. 

Kind Regards,